What is Triangular Bending Fence?

The triangular bending fence mesh, also known as the bending fence network, combines both functionality and aesthetic appeal. It is characterized by a durable grid structure that enhances visibility, comes in diverse colors, and is built from high-strength steel for robustness and an attractive appearance.


Anti-corrosion treatments such as electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, spray-spraying, dip-coating, and stainless steel wire (typically treated with dip-coating) ensure its longevity and resilience against environmental elements.


The weaving and welding techniques used create a bent configuration, reinforcing its strength. The peach-shaped column connection, also known as the peach-shaped column fence, is commonly employed for its secure and visually appealing installation method.


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Triangle bending fence mesh Common specifications


The Triangle Bending Fence Mesh typically comes in standard specifications. Panels are generally 2500mm wide, with heights varying from 600mm to 2440mm. They feature vertical barbs of 30mm on each side (top or bottom), which are reversible. The mesh sizes are 200mm x 50mm and 100mm x 50mm for the beam sections, ensuring robustness and durability due to heavy wire construction.


Advantages of Triangle Bend Fence Mesh


The unique bending design enhances its aesthetic appeal, complemented by a variety of dip-coated colors like yellow, green, and red. This color differentiation between columns and mesh adds visual appeal. Typically, these fences come with chassis columns, facilitating fast installation using expansion bolts.


Economical Security Solution:

- High strength and rigidity.

- Versatile for various environments, with options for custom sizes.

- Excellent durability with galvanization and powder coating, ensuring a warranty of at least 10 years.

- Fast installation facilitated by well-developed components, ensuring efficiency and speed.


Triangular Bending Fence Mesh Use


Triangular bending fence mesh is widely used in the decorative protection of highways, railways, airports, factories, residential quarters, port terminals, municipal green spaces, garden flower beds, and green spaces. The triangular bending fence mesh offers high strength, good rigidity, a beautiful appearance, a wide field of vision, easy installation, and a bright and attractive feel.


How to Choose Triangle Bending Fence


When considering the purchase of triangle bending fence, it's crucial to understand its performance characteristics. This type of fence features a durable grid structure, wide field of vision, diverse color options, high strength, good rigidity, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Using triangle bending fence not only serves as a barrier but also enhances the visual appeal of the surroundings, creating a bright and relaxing atmosphere.


The design of notches on the peach post eliminates the need for additional connecting parts between the post and the triangle bending fence, ensuring a secure and seamless fit. Peach posts come in various styles to accommodate different installation needs in various settings. Additionally, the installation of barbed wire and thorn rings at the top of the peach post enhances the security of the protected area.


How to Use the Triangular Bend Fence


In the installation process of the triangular bend fence, the mesh and the column are installed in coordination with clips and screws.


Precautions for triangular bending fence:


1. When installing, the construction unit should accurately grasp the various construction drawings to ensure no damage to underground facilities, such as pipelines buried in the roadbed.


2. If the column is driven too deep, avoid pulling it out for correction. Instead, re-consolidate its foundation before adjusting its position. Carefully control the hammering force during construction to avoid issues, especially near required depths. For railway guardrails, install flanges and pay attention to their positioning and the elevation of the column tops.


3. The installation of railway safety facilities is crucial for highway appearance and safety. The inherent quality of railway fence netting depends on raw materials and processing, while appearance quality relies on construction methods. Effective construction preparation, careful pile driving, and continual experience accumulation and strengthened management ensure installation quality.

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