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Roofing Nails

Roofing nails for attaching wood members and for fixing asbestos and plastic tiles.

Keywords: Strong stability, High speed, High durability, High safety, Environmentally friendly, Aesthetically pleasing, Hot-dip galvanized/electro-galvanized, Strong structure, Excellent material, Smooth surface, Corrosion resistant, Not easy to rust, Sturdy and durable, Long service life, High utility, Sturdy, Easy to use, Cost-effective, Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, High toughness, High strength of roofing nails, Bright surface, High-temperature resistant, Wear and tear resistant, Moisture proof, Strong galvanized coating, Firmness of use

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Product details

Roofing nails for attaching wood members and for fixing asbestos and plastic tiles.

Category: Nails - Roofing Nails

Material: Cold drawn wire

Specification: 1.5"-3"

Nominal Diameter: 2.8-4.2 mm

Length: 40-80mm

Surface treatment: galvanized, polished

Specification: 9BWG*2" 9BWG*2 1/2" 10BWG*2" 10BWG*2 1/2"

11BWG*1 1/5" 11BWG*2" 12BWG*1 1/5" 12BWG*2" 8BWG*2 1/2" 8BWG*3" or according to customer's requirement

Roofing Nails

Classification: According to the difference in the shape of the nail cap, it can be classified into parallel and rounded roofing nails, and due to the difference in the design of the nail shank, there are several types of light body, ring pattern, spiral and square, so that buyers can purchase or customize the roofing nails according to the different situations of use, in order to achieve the best fixing effect.


1. Strong solidity: the roofing nails are made by special technology with high strength and toughness, which can securely hold the carton and prevent the box from deforming or falling apart.

2. High speed: Roofing nails are easy to use and can be installed on cartons by hand only. Compared to other sealing materials such as tape, roofing nails are faster.

3. Good durability: roofing nails are made of excellent materials and have a long service life, so they will not be damaged by the passage of time or changes in the environment.

4. High safety: Roofing nails do not contain any toxic substances and are very safe, even when accidentally pressurized, they will not cause harm to the human body.

5. Environmentally friendly: Roofing nails use cardboard as raw material, which is easy to recycle and recover, making them environmentally friendly.

6. Aesthetically pleasing: Roofing nails can make the structure of the packaging box more solid and the appearance more beautiful and neat, improving the grade of the product.

Roofing Nails


Industrial construction, sand turning, furniture repair, packing crates, etc.

Roofing nails are applied to wood, in fact, roofing nails can not only be applied to the installation, fixing and connecting aspects of wood products, in fact, roofing nails are also able to be used for connecting ferrous objects in terms of, for example, tin, aluminum alloy and so on.

Some roofing nails have shallow threads, which cannot provide enough tension for wood, especially particle board. Ferrous objects, on the other hand, are very hard, so roofing nails with shallow threads can provide sufficient tension. The shallower the threads, the smaller the deformation, and the harder the iron, the smaller the deformation and the easier it is to screw in when there is enough tension.