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Concrete Nails

Cement nails are also called steel nails, usually made of carbon steel, with high hardness, thick and short, and strong penetrating power. The surface is smooth and round.

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Product details

Introduction: Cement nails are also called steel nails, usually made of carbon steel, with high hardness, thick and short, and strong penetrating power. The surface is smooth and round.

Definition: Cement nails, commonly known as steel nails, are a kind of nails, made of carbon steel, made of 45 steel or 60 steel, processed by wire drawing, annealing, nail making, quenching and other processes, so the texture is relatively hard . Its function is to nail some hard objects that cannot be nailed by other nails, because the material is very different from ordinary nails, and it is a special nail. Cement nails are very hard, thick and short, and have a strong ability to penetrate.


① There are many kinds of cement nails, such as sliding rod, straight grain, twill grain, spiral, bamboo joint, etc., and the common ones are straight grain or sliding pole.

② According to different classification methods, cement nails can also be divided into: black cement nails, blue cement nails, colored cement nails, countersunk head cement nails, K-shaped cement nails, T-shaped cement nails, galvanized cement nails and so on.

Concrete Nail Specifications

Black cement nails, blue cement nails

Specifications: 2×20mm2×25mm2×30mm 2.5×25mm2.5×30mm2.5×40mm 3×30mm3×40mm3×50mm 3×60mm 3×60mm3×70mm 3×80mm3×90mm3×100mm 4.2×75mm4.2×100mm4. 2×125mm

colored cement nails

Specifications: 3×25mm3×30mm3.2×40mm 3.6×50mm4×60mm4.2×75mm 4.2×100mm

countersunk head cement nail

Specifications: 2.5×25mm2.5×30mm2.5×40mm 3×30mm3×40mm3.2×50mm 3.6×65mm4×75mm4.2×100mm

K-shaped cement nails, T-shaped cement nails

Specifications: 3×25mm3×40mm3.8×25mm 3.8×40mm3.8×50mm3.8×65mm 3.8×75mm3.8×100mm

Galvanized cement nails (same as straight or bare)

Specifications: 1.8×20mm4.2×75mm 2×25mm4.57×100mm 3×40mm4.8×80mm 3.4×50mm4.8×90mm 3.8×65mm5×125mm

Performance: It has strong hardness and good toughness. The hardness of medium carbon steel reaches above HRC50; shear strength t≥980 Mpa; toughness bending degree ≥75° Performance and advantages: super hardness, superior quality and good price.

Note: To ensure safety, please wear protective glasses when using cement steel nails. The cement steel nails should be 90 degrees vertical to the working surface.

Cement nail packaging

①20-25kg/carton in bulk

②20-25kg/wooden box in bulk

③100pcs/box several boxes/carton

④75 pieces/box, several boxes/carton

⑤400g/box 50 boxes/carton

⑥500g/box 40 boxes/carton

⑦Carton packaging specifications: 200 grams, 250 grams, 300 grams, 350 grams, 400 grams, 500 grams, 600 grams, 750 grams, 800 grams, 1000 grams.

Uses: Suitable for decoration, decoration industry, connection of hard wood and light wood keels. Suitable for hard wood, brick walls and cement mortar components. Widely used in hydropower installation and decoration of civil and military buildings.