Zinc-Steel Wall Fence Guardrail

A wall fence guardrail, also known as a zinc-steel wall fence guardrail, is made of zinc-steel pipes. Due to its advantages of high strength, hardness, exquisite appearance, and vibrant colors, it has become the mainstream product used in residential communities. The zinc-steel guardrail is installed using a non-welded interlocking combination method, with a base material thickness 2-3 times that of stainless steel. It offers a choice of over 500 colors and is surface-coated with anti-oxidation powder through electrostatic spraying, enhancing its resistance to oxidation, UV rays, and weathering.

Zinc-steel guardrail has many advantages as a courtyard wall fence. First, it allows for flexible adjustments in fence size, and custom sizes are available for specific requirements. Accessories and colors of fiberglass grating panels can be chosen based on customer preferences.

Common Specifications for Wall Fence Guardrail:

Vertical square tube: 19mm*19mm*0.6mm

Horizontal square tube: 40mm*40mm*0.8mm

Post: 50mm*50mm*1.0mm

Spacing: 12cm

These are common specifications, and custom processing is available for special requirements. It can be tailored to create the best design solution for various complex terrains and landscapes.


The wall fence guardrail is aesthetically pleasing with a variety of designs to choose from. It is not only a highly decorative guardrail but also embodies both European and American styles and contemporary fashion, displaying a sense of elegance and modern beauty.

Zinc-Steel Wall Fence Guardrail