Green Mesh Guardrail

Green Mesh Guardrail

Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more public places are adopting green mesh guardrail systems. A green mesh guardrail is a type of protective net primarily made of steel and covered with greenery. It serves the dual purpose of protection and beautification of the environment. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the common specifications and structural features of green mesh guardrails, aiming to help everyone better understand this product.

I. Common Product Specifications

There are numerous variations in the specifications of green mesh guardrails. Commonly found dimensions in the market include 1500×2000mm, 1600×2000mm, 1700×2000mm, 1800×2000mm, 1900×2000mm, and so on, with the height ranging approximately around 2000 millimeters. Different manufacturers and geographical locations may lead to some non-standard options.

In addition to height, green mesh guardrails also come in various sizes. The steel frame can have dimensions like 40×60×1.5mm, 40×80×1.5mm, 50×100×1.5mm, and the mesh covering can have sizes like 75×150mm, 50×100mm, 75×75mm, among others. Different specifications and sizes can have an impact on the product's lifespan and performance, so it's important to thoroughly understand them when making a purchase.

II. Structural Features

The structural features of green mesh guardrails mainly manifest in their steel framework and the design of the greenery.

Steel Framework

The steel frame of green mesh guardrails undergoes hot-dip galvanization for corrosion resistance, significantly extending its lifespan. The frame uses square or round tubes, with common steel plate thickness ranging between 1.2mm to 3mm.

In addition to hot-dip galvanization, some high-end green mesh guardrails may also include spray coatings to enhance the product's aesthetics.

Greenery Design

The most prominent feature of green mesh guardrails is the incorporation of greenery. Planting pots are attached to the steel framework using plastic or stainless steel fixing blocks. Various types of plants, such as ivy, sensitive plants, bougainvillea, etc., can be chosen to meet different preferences and requirements.

The selection of greenery should be based on the specific conditions. For example, shady areas are suitable for shade-loving plants, while areas exposed to wind and sun may require drought-resistant plants.

In summary, green mesh guardrails come in a wide range of common product specifications and structural features. The options for corrosion-resistant steel treatments and choices of plant types are quite diverse. Therefore, when making a purchase, it's essential to analyze your specific needs to find the best-suited option.