What Are the Characteristics and Technical Indicators of Galvanizing Wire?

Electrogalvanized wire is a kind of material coated with zinc on the surface of steel wire, which has good anti-corrosion properties and a wide range of applications. The following will explain the characteristics and technical indicators of electric galvanized wire.

Electro galvanized wire 


1. Features:


Good corrosion resistance: galvanized wire can prevent the surface of the steel wire from being corroded by oxygen, water and other chemicals, and extend the service life of the steel wire.

Good electrical conductivity: galvanized wire has good electrical conductivity and can be used as a circuit wire.


Good plasticity: electrogalvanized wire not only has high strength and stiffness, but also can maintain a certain toughness under heating conditions, and is easy to process into products of various shapes and sizes.


Beautiful and durable: galvanized wire surface bright and smooth, with good decorative, long service life, not easy to wear and fade.

Electro galvanized wire 


2. Technical indicators:


Zinc layer thickness: The zinc layer thickness of electrogalvanized wire is one of the important indicators to evaluate its quality. Commonly used zinc layer thickness concentration includes 3-25μm, under normal circumstances, the greater the thickness of the zinc layer, the better the corrosion resistance of the galvanizing wire.


Crystallinity of zinc layer: the crystallinity of zinc layer of electrogalvanized wire has an important impact on its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. The zinc layer with high crystallinity is more uniform and dense, and has better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.


Tensile strength and elongation of electrogalvanized wire: tensile strength is the ability of electrogalvanized wire to resist tension, and elongation is the percentage of length change of electrogalvanized wire before and after tension. The common tensile strength is 350-1500MPa, and the elongation is 10%-30%.


Zinc content of electric galvanized wire: zinc content is an important indicator to measure the structure and quality of the zinc layer of electric galvanized wire. Under normal circumstances, the higher the zinc content, the better the corrosion resistance of electric galvanized wire.

Electro galvanized wire

Electro galvanized wire